Meaning of take care in English:

take care


  • 1often in imperative Be cautious; keep oneself safe.

    ‘take care if you're planning to go out tonight’
    • ‘Our area has suffered recently from tragic accidents and our local Garda are appealing to all to drive with caution and take care.’
    • ‘Wellband cautions singletons to take care when buying cover.’
    • ‘And if you're still in your car, don't forget to take care, watch out for children and slow down to 40 km/h near schools.’
    • ‘Officials warned drivers to take care and pedestrians to watch for flying branches and roof tiles.’
    • ‘As for a friends far and wide, take care and hang out in safe places… glad that you all had a wonderful week-end…’
    • ‘May you all have a safe and peaceful holiday break and please take care if you're on the road.’
    • ‘Here, my son Matthew decided it was time to get wet and climbed along the back of the cave and behind the wall of water, taking care in the slippery and damp conditions.’
    • ‘He urged people to take care on bonfire night.’
    • ‘Borrowing a powder horn from Balen, he pops open the top and cautiously reloads the weapon, taking care despite his inebriation to keep the powder away from the burning fuse.’
    • ‘Drivers are being warned to look out for especially shiny patches of road and to take extra care, or to avoid the section of road altogether.’
    be on your guard, watch out, look out, mind out, be wary, be careful, be cautious, be on the lookout, be on the alert, keep your eyes open, keep a sharp lookout, be on the qui vive
    1. 1.1Said to someone on leaving them.
      ‘take care, see you soon’
      • ‘Now you two have a safe trip and take care, come back soon.’
      • ‘‘You take care now, young man, and watch after the others,’ said Ellie.’
      • ‘‘Okay, take care,’ Roxanne called after her and watched as Sandara gave her a smile then grabbed her bag and practically raced out.’
      • ‘Angel, have a nice trip, take care, and remember to e-mail me!’
      • ‘I think it is great that you don't care what people think… well take care Sarah and stay strong!’
      • ‘I look forward to your company again next week here on All in the Mind - you take care.’
  • 2with infinitive Make sure of doing something.

    ‘he would take care to provide himself with an escape clause’
    • ‘Religious leaders have an obligation to lead in the surest of ways, taking care not to disturb the faith of the ordinary believers.’
    • ‘Place in an oven and check every five minutes taking care not to allow the rhubarb to overcook.’
    • ‘This means the equine provider must inquire about the level of skill presented by the rider and take care not to provide a horse that is not manageable by someone of that skill level.’
    • ‘It's best to gently, repeatedly nudge some notions into people's minds, while taking care not to overwhelm or accuse.’
    • ‘But he provides some reassurance that BTo was taking care not to falsely accuse anyone of sharing illegal content.’
    • ‘But they took care always to spend at least 182 days out of the homeland, satisfying the taxman that they were Non-Resident Indians.’
    • ‘Successful people took care to ‘be themselves’ rather than play to the gallery and imitate someone else.’
    • ‘Although they are solid, you must take great care not to damage them as this could affect the weighting.’
    • ‘Moo - a small, grey-haired man - took great care not to draw attention to himself.’
    • ‘Cautiously, she walked towards the cave entrance, taking care not to further aggravate her wound.’
    make sure, make certain, see to it, check, verify, take care, mind, satisfy oneself, ensure