Meaning of take cover in English:

take cover


  • Protect oneself from attack by ducking down into or under a shelter.

    ‘if the bombing starts, take cover in the basement’
    • ‘The man ducked and took cover on the opposite side of the bar.’
    • ‘Everyone either ducked or took cover behind the slick columns.’
    • ‘Sam takes cover and ducks behind a support post.’
    • ‘Soldiers cover each other, take cover, retreat when injured, and generally work efficiently.’
    • ‘When you hear the air attack warning, you and your family must take cover at once.’
    • ‘Astronauts aboard the International Space Station took cover multiple times in protected areas.’
    • ‘Instinctively, he ducked and rolled out of the way, taking cover behind a Spanish cabinet.’
    • ‘Spectators take cover under colourful umbrellas or in makeshift tents to protect themselves from the blistering sun.’
    • ‘Enemies take cover, sometimes knocking over tables and ducking behind them.’
    • ‘Many of them ran and took cover as gun shots rang out.’
    skulk, loiter, lie in wait, lie low, hide, conceal oneself, take cover, keep out of sight