Meaning of take delivery of in English:

take delivery of


  • Receive (something purchased)

    ‘we took delivery of the software in February’
    • ‘Upon taking delivery of the bike I purchased a chain lock and was careful to apply it, even if only parking for a few minutes.’
    • ‘When did you guys actually purchase the car and take delivery of the car?’
    • ‘Members of the parish council heard that the chamber of trade took delivery of 5,000 discs in October and was told that due to budget restrictions this would be the last batch.’
    • ‘He was presented with the jacket at a ceremony as other members of the team took delivery of 28 new gas-powered water flotation devices.’
    • ‘We took delivery of thirty-two flat-pack moving cartons today, along with the associated bubble wrap and sticky tape.’
    • ‘Blackerne farm near Castle Douglas, took delivery of 90 cows on Friday.’
    • ‘But at least they're doing something about it now, taking delivery of two new generators in August which will be operational by the middle of next year.’
    • ‘He said that at the present time every family in Ireland was taking delivery of two small orange boxes.’
    • ‘He will also be taking delivery of rather large amounts of a local product.’
    • ‘Vehicle dismantlers are now charging to collect or take delivery of most unwanted vehicles and, as a consequence, it is cheaper for the owners to simply abandon the vehicle.’