Meaning of take guard in English:

take guard


  • (of a batsman) stand in position ready to receive the ball, especially having asked the umpire to check the position of one's bat with respect to the stumps.

    ‘Within two balls of taking guard, Harris was offered a wide long-hop by Morkel, and you know where those go.’
    • ‘No-one takes guard at the wicket and the outfield is as rough as a public park.’
    • ‘So, as Lara took guard, England were on the verge of the unthinkable, the first clean sweep of a series in the Caribbean by any visiting team.’
    • ‘Jones, whose batting form has been questionable throughout the series, took guard in the nets to face a few deliveries from lucky kids selected to bowl at him.’
    • ‘He is big, and broad and takes guard with a wide stance and hits the ball an enormous wallop.’