Meaning of take holy orders in English:

take holy orders


  • Become an ordained member of the clergy.

    ‘his first ambition was to take holy orders’
    • ‘Then he took holy orders, and in no time was a bishop in Wales.’
    • ‘He was educated in Yorkshire and at Cambridge, before taking holy orders: his grandfather was Archbishop of York.’
    • ‘While at university, I considered taking holy orders and joining a convent’
    • ‘Although his father wanted him to take holy orders, he devoted himself to poetry, scholarship and ‘the approaching reformation’ of England and the world.’
    • ‘In contrast to Defoe, he was able to graduate and take holy orders as soon as he was legally entitled so to do.’
    • ‘Rather, Patrick escaped after five year's servitude, made his way to Gaul, took holy orders, and returned to Ireland to undertake his missionary work.’
    • ‘Bruno took holy orders in 1572 but then left the order in 1576 after travelling to Rome.’
    • ‘He eventually took holy orders, was appointed a bishop, and spent the remainder of his life in peripatetic poverty.’
    • ‘He took holy orders and spent his whole career in St Paul's Church in Lyon where he was appointed in 1646.’
    • ‘He has now taken holy orders in the Church of Ireland.’