Meaning of take into consideration in English:

take into consideration

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  • Take into account.

    ‘planning that takes into consideration the needs of wildlife as well as those of humans’
    • ‘These are all things to take into consideration when planning your next trip.’
    • ‘Also, the plans took into consideration planning policy guidance from the Government, which sets down a maximum number of car parking spaces for developments.’
    • ‘This is certainly something to take into consideration, if you plan to wear both rings on the same hand.’
    • ‘This factor, it is said, is a matter we should take into consideration when considering the legislation.’
    • ‘The plan was comprehensive in taking into consideration actions needed to prepare and respond to emergencies at each level.’
    • ‘He never took into consideration that we had two small children that I was still constantly getting up to during the night… or that our two little spitfires had drained me of most of my energy during the day.’
    • ‘That's definitely something I took into consideration.’
    • ‘Costs must be balanced against other forms of transport by taking into consideration not just monetary values, but environmental responsibility.’
    • ‘There are several short-term solutions as well as long-term solutions which the company is taking into consideration.’
    • ‘The show takes into consideration all these facts, as the exhibition would showcase the newest models of four and two-wheelers, auto accessories, paints, lubricants as well as the newest modes of financing vehicle purchases.’
    consider, give thought to, take into account, allow for, make allowances for, provide for, plan for, make plans for, foresee, anticipate, make provision for, make preparations for, prepare for, accommodate, make concessions for, arrange for, bargain for, reckon with
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