Meaning of take it in English:

take it


  • with clause Assume.

    ‘I take it that someone is coming to meet you’
    • ‘Can I take it that you felt you had assumed a huge responsibility in taking on this awesome story?’
    • ‘By rediscuss, I take it to mean that we're discussing what the salary & benefits would be.’
    • ‘In this particular case, in London, I take it, none of these guys left any indication.’
    • ‘Can I take it then oxygen will be provided in these new circumstances?’
    • ‘These are, I take it, all referees below the Panel and those who officiate countrywide at some 2,000 games a week.’
    • ‘No more details yet, I take it, on when he might be got out of Iraq or when, indeed, he might come back to Australia?’
    • ‘So I take it, you're going to catch up now with the prime minister and then head back to Israel.’
    • ‘So I take it that is not a major concern of yours, that U.S. troops might be caught up in a civil war.’
    • ‘So I take it that Labour will support this bill so that the police don't have to exercise that discretion.’
    • ‘There may be a case to do so if the father was very poor and needed the money to survive with his son, but I take it that this is not so in this case.’
    • ‘The key point, I take it from The Economist, is that a leadership change lies ahead in China.’
    • ‘Do I take it then that Boris supports the repeal of devolution in Scotland & Wales?’
    • ‘Michael, can I take it from your review last week that you wouldn't recommend the Crabwall Manor hotel?’
    • ‘So do I take it that at the launch of the Virdi inquiry very much that training was in vogue but now it has filtered off, or dwindled off?’
    • ‘By now, I take it, the rhythm method of contraception must have passed out of favour.’
    • ‘From your article I take it that the person quoted is a local solicitor who, for some reason, could not be named.’
    • ‘Yes, but do I take it that ACPO does not have a specific view about where it thinks it would be best served?’
    • ‘Do I take it from that that you have not got powers of enforcement of any decision that you feel is appropriate?’
    • ‘Fair enough, but I take it that they are not coming just for a day out at MacDonalds.’
    • ‘What I take it to refer to is the various roles of fire: to lighten, to heat and to destroy.’
    assume, presume, suppose, imagine, expect, believe, reckon, think, be of the opinion, gather, dare say, trust, surmise, deduce, guess, conjecture, fancy, suspect