Meaning of take it on oneself to do something in English:

take it on oneself to do something


  • Decide to do something without asking for permission or advice.

    ‘she had taken it on herself to rearrange all the furniture in the sitting room’
    • ‘He even sometimes read petitions from individual prisoners, taking it on himself to decide whether to release them.’
    • ‘Roth thought, ‘How could I take it on myself to decide that my father should be finished with life, life which is ours to know just once?’’
    • ‘Edward decided to take it on himself to rid Ralph's house of Alex.’
    • ‘Any useful advice would mainly have been that Abid should consult a solicitor; no social worker would or should take it on himself to give any legal advice.’
    • ‘If you take it on yourself to make a diagnosis, for example by deciding that the condition isn't serious, you could be liable if the condition turns out to require urgent treatment.’
    • ‘They took it on themselves to define the distinction between high and popular culture and then police its boundaries.’
    • ‘He then probably took it on himself to carry out these very brutal acts.’
    • ‘He took it on himself to help at the mosque, things that other people wouldn't want to do.’
    • ‘One Highland laird who had been the victim of a housebreaking in 2004 took it on himself to check out whether any of his rare china collection, stolen from his mansion near Kingussie, might be up for sale online.’
    • ‘You had a juror who took it on himself to have a press conference on the courthouse steps to say how happy he was that they convicted her of insider trading.’