Significado de take note en en inglés

take note


  • Pay attention.

    ‘employers should take note of the needs of disabled people’
    • ‘Sandy makes two observations that are worth taking note of.’
    • ‘They will watch and take note, and they will record it all on film and video.’
    • ‘Maxwell took note of how attentively he was watching the scene unfold before him with quiet curiosity.’
    • ‘At the time, many observers took note of the role that charitable foundations had played in this upheaval.’
    • ‘In the days following, some commentators took note of this glaring omission.’
    • ‘Similar thoughts occupied Sarah's mind as she took note of her horrid appearance again.’
    • ‘Items ranged freely from one stall to another, and Alisa's sharp mind took note of all.’
    • ‘She took note of the burn marks as well and drew her own conclusion, her eyes widening with panic.’
    • ‘He noted the role of my father and also took note of the tensions between my parents.’
    • ‘I didn't bother in noting where she was taking me and just watched her back, taking note of her posture and behavior.’
    pay attention, take heed, heed, give heed, take notice, take note, mind, observe, watch, follow, notice, mark, bear in mind, give a thought to, take into consideration, take into account, take to heart, hang on, accept, believe