Meaning of take notice in English:

take notice


  • Pay attention; show signs of interest.

    ‘when the show was broadcast, he made TV viewers sit up and take notice’
    • ‘I just hope they will take notice of warning signs we have put up and look out for them on the roads.’
    • ‘If the gaggle of magazine cover stories and press articles is any guide, it is worth taking notice because it is sign things may be about to happen.’
    • ‘Darnell was not aware that anyone took notice, yet everyone heard the magic in the two words.’
    • ‘I had thought that if I caught her off guard then she would take notice and try to scold me.’
    • ‘But Cheryl and Kelly were aware of the traffic and taking notice of it.’
    • ‘The last man, the fifth, took notice of the boy's icy glare, took interest and then verged off his path.’
    • ‘And despite all the smiles and media attention, there are people taking notice of Webb.’
    • ‘This was a big push, and suddenly - and the polls show this - people sat up and took notice.’
    • ‘Hollywood took notice of Douglas and began to send the appropriate signals.’
    • ‘An obscure weekly published from Calcutta took notice of the event.’