Meaning of take one's cue from in English:

take one's cue from


  • Follow the example or advice of.

    ‘McGee did not move and Julia took her cue from him’
    • ‘The conductor of the symphony orchestra does not control the activity of the players, but they do follow the score and take their cue from the conductor's directions.’
    • ‘If I understand it aright, objective calculation and measurement take their cue from - and ultimately serve - circumspective involvement in the world.’
    • ‘Yeah, and most people don't take their cue from that.’
    • ‘In the 1960s and 70s we took our cue from what was happening worldwide.’
    • ‘Everyone else in the cast takes their cue from and builds off this edge.’
    • ‘He takes his cue from what they are doing, and I stand in awe of how often he is correct in forecasting what they will do.’
    • ‘I took a cue from her and began serving the customers' breakfast.’
    • ‘These influences pale in significance however, when compared to the massive list of performers who took their cues from him.’
    • ‘As with the overall design of the house, details take their cues from the barn.’
    • ‘Until then try to take your cues from how he behaves both publicly and privately, and don't be afraid to ask questions!’