Meaning of take one's leave in English:

take one's leave


  • Say goodbye.

    ‘he went to take his leave of his hostess’
    • ‘Our guests smile - The Artist's smile is rather perfunctory - and we take our leave of each other.’
    • ‘It is time to leave for home, and we take our leave of these gracious and courteous researchers.’
    • ‘Then she took her leave of Master Robert, and prayed him for his blessing, and so forth of other friends.’
    • ‘With this brief notice of St. Cross we take our leave of the old capital of England and its neighbourhood.’
    • ‘With directions from Morris on how to get to Big Hill Lake we took our leave with much regret.’
    • ‘Saturday morning we sadly took our leave of our friends in Clonmel with the promise of meeting again soon.’
    • ‘The libation complete, we took our leave, promising to return with copies of the photos we took.’
    • ‘She took her leave of them, but when she finally arrived home, she was shocked at the state of her dough.’
    • ‘With that, she took her leave of him and went into the house, and spent the night with the rest of the family.’
    • ‘Finally, he took his leave under a general amnesty, and finally made his way back to Texas in August 1835.’
    departure, leaving, leave-taking, parting, withdrawal, exit, farewell, goodbye, adieu, valediction