Meaning of take one's medicine in English:

take one's medicine

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  • Submit to punishment as being deserved.

    ‘cattle thieves would confess their guilt and proudly take their medicine’
    • ‘You made a call, acknowledged it was probably wrong and took your medicine with grace.’
    • ‘So I took my medicine and I'm on probation now for three years.’
    • ‘He had an affair with a blonde teenager but took his medicine and kept his marriage together.’
    • ‘Yet loyal to the last, Scotland's fans are prepared to take their medicine.’
    • ‘As long as we have a hearing and are treated fairly, we will take our medicine.’
    • ‘If he didn't then he should come clean and take his medicine as he so sanctimoniously advises all his politician friends to do.’
    • ‘But he should write a fulsome letter of apology to the tour officials concerned, and just take his medicine.’
    • ‘Considering the gravity of the previous night's debacle, we thought it a good idea to return to the scene of the crime, just to see how they took their medicine.’
    • ‘Gareth took his medicine and responded with a tremendous performance - the way you would expect a professional to do.’
    • ‘And he took his medicine, and learned from his mistakes, and didn't take his wounded ego to the media.’
    accept one's punishment, take the consequences of one's actions
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