Meaning of take one's seat in English:

take one's seat


  • Start to take part in the business of an assembly after being elected.

    ‘the House of Commons refused to allow him to take his seat although he had been duly elected’
    • ‘National Assembly Speaker Park Kwan Yong was unable to take his seat to call the assembly into session and hold a floor vote because some 40 Uri Party lawmakers held him back.’
    • ‘Not until 1886 was Bradlaugh, an avowed atheist, allowed to take his seat in Parliament.’
    • ‘She will take her seat in the assembly from May 1.’
    • ‘Perhaps if elected she plans to do a Gerry Adams and not take her seat in Parliament on principle.’
    • ‘When Mr Chamberlain entered the Chamber at noon and took his seat on the Treasury bench he was greeted with an enthusiastic cheering from all sides.’
    • ‘The London newspaper which made the boob quickly acknowledged its error, and Mr Singh took his seat in Parliament.’
    • ‘Election of replacement MLCs occurs at a Joint Sitting, but the MLC cannot take their seat for two days.’
    • ‘Britain's long-awaited e-envoy will finally take his seat in Downing Street on Tuesday afternoon and start work immediately on wiring up Britain for the future, The Register can confirm.’
    • ‘Controversy raged when Parliament refused to let him take his seat, even though he was elected Member of Parliament for Middlesex on four consecutive occasions.’
    • ‘She was elected to the Dail in 1923 but did not take her seat.’