Meaning of take pleasure in in English:

take pleasure in

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  • Derive happiness or enjoyment from.

    ‘they take a perverse pleasure in causing trouble’
    • ‘Your partner may also love it or will simply take pleasure in your happiness.’
    • ‘Happiness is the art of taking pleasure in what you have.’
    • ‘Whether you're a city dweller or a country bumpkin like myself, it seems that we all take pleasure in what nature holds for us.’
    • ‘Our work is not drudgery, but something we are to take pleasure in today.’
    • ‘The idea is to get some experience under your belt, make some cash and take pleasure in what you're doing.’
    • ‘When this work is complete the river will become something to take pleasure in again, rather than being an eyesore.’
    • ‘There were times when she seemed almost to take pleasure in that.’
    • ‘We got in touch with other writers and we have pulled together a few items for you to, hopefully, take pleasure in.’
    • ‘If you want to be happy, you have to take pleasure in what you have.’
    • ‘In other words, if we take pleasure in what God has given us, He'll give us more.’
    enjoy, delight in, love, like, adore, be entertained by, be amused by, be pleased by, appreciate, relish, savour, revel in, glory in
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