Significado de take sides en en Inglés

take sides


  • Support one person or cause against another or others in a dispute or contest.

    ‘I do not want to take sides in this matter’
    • ‘The Labour MP, who called the meeting, told union members he could not take sides in an industrial dispute.’
    • ‘Some parents took sides with the government policy and supported the plan in force.’
    • ‘Some people are already taking sides, and the boss is looking for support from the people in your department.’
    • ‘Parents can help their children through a breakup by being supportive without taking sides.’
    • ‘In any event, while ever aware of these differences, we have chosen not to be drawn into the dispute since as historians we can't afford the luxury of taking sides.’
    • ‘Instead, it essentially took sides in the long-running Afghan civil war, linking up with any faction that opposed the Taliban.’
    • ‘That councilors took sides is not only ludicrous, it is illogical.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, with the exception of France, countries took sides and stayed there.’
    • ‘She hated watching us fight, but never took sides and could only muster up a whimper for a truce.’
    • ‘Today it seems as if there is no need to be ashamed when taking sides.’
    support, give one's support to, take the part of, side with, be on the side of, stand by, stand up for, stick up for, be supportive of, encourage, back, back up, give one's backing to, uphold, take to one's heart, be loyal to, defend, come to the defence of, champion, ally with, ally oneself with, associate oneself with, sympathize with, favour, prefer, abet, aid and abet