Meaning of take some — in English:

take some —


(also take a lot of —)
  • Be difficult to do or effect in the specified way.

    ‘he might take some convincing’
    • ‘It took some convincing (and maybe a bribe), but he agreed to come home to see the girls and his grandchildren.’
    • ‘In the beginning it did take some getting used to.’
    • ‘With just four trains an hour and only one route home it's taken some getting used to.’
    • ‘This tough love and honesty takes some getting used to, but it is valuable.’
    • ‘The book is designed with marginal notes, which takes some getting used to but are very helpful.’
    • ‘" It takes a lot of training for a person to develop a performance onstage.’
    • ‘It takes a lot of style and pacing to flash back and forth from action scenes to images and thoughts in the mind of an actor.’