Meaning of take someone/something seriously in English:

take someone/something seriously


  • Regard someone or something as important and worthy of attention.

    ‘such threats have to be taken seriously’
    • ‘he takes himself too seriously’
    • ‘Whatever suggestions they make, it is important you take them seriously.’
    • ‘As a unionist, he explains, it was important to take Scotland seriously in order to ensure it did not slip away into independence.’
    • ‘They must gain the confidence of all members of the House, and that is why it is important that the commission takes the matter seriously.’
    • ‘That's why it is important to take them seriously, especially if they have depression or another mental disorder or are intoxicated or behaving impulsively.’
    • ‘Whatever its background, it is important to take hallucinations seriously and not to challenge the patients reality during the crisis situation, especially in the initial phase of treatment.’
    • ‘Because age related memory change may signal treatable medical conditions, it is important to take any complaint seriously.’
    • ‘Even more important, they seem to be taking the environment seriously, as Labour traditionally never has.’
    • ‘This is an important study and the Government is taking it seriously.’
    • ‘This is a very important statement and I hope he takes it seriously.’
    • ‘If you want to make anybody take you seriously, you'll have to pay attention to details like that.’