Meaning of take someone's breath away in English:

take someone's breath away

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  • Astonish or inspire someone with awed respect or delight.

    ‘she took his breath away, as she did most men's’
    • ‘She's an astonishing performer, she takes your breath away.’
    • ‘To feel such venom coming at you is so shocking it takes your breath away.’
    • ‘He slowly removed his sunglasses, revealing a pair stunning blue eyes that took Rika 's breath away.’
    • ‘To see all our friends there with banners, it was fantastic, took our breath away.’
    • ‘And he brought to the diocese a freshness, energy and enthusiasm that took our breath away.’
    • ‘The hush of the garden after the neighbor's engine died away almost took our breath away.’
    • ‘It was, quite literally, a view that took my breath away.’
    • ‘I guess I was very naive, but the violence of the attention took my breath away.’
    • ‘Inside he found five masterpieces, but it was the contents of the last violin case that took his breath away.’
    • ‘He didn't apologize, just kissed me quickly on the mouth, taking my breath away.’
    astonish, astound, amaze, surprise greatly, stun, startle, stagger, shock, shatter, take aback, stop someone in their tracks, leave open-mouthed, leave aghast, dumbfound, jolt, shake up
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