Meaning of take someone's life in English:

take someone's life


  • Kill someone.

    ‘Well I almost robbed a bank and in the process my brother was killed and I took a man's life.’
    • ‘It brought it back, a lot of painful memories but it helped me to, you know, put a face to the person that killed my sister, and almost took my life, and it just it was helpful.’
    • ‘The coroner recorded verdicts that the boys were unlawfully killed and their father took his own life.’
    • ‘Taking your own life because of a threatening situation was like killing a child in our family.’
    • ‘He thought that no one would know that he killed her, that he took her life.’
    • ‘Stones kill, and as these instruments of death were taking his life, his last act was in service to others.’
    • ‘But if we did have a parrot such as the one Locke described, surely it would be as morally wrong to take its life without good reason as it would to kill a human being.’
    • ‘She meant that as her last loyalty she would kill my daughter while I took my own life.’
    • ‘You should be able to designate that if you reach that certain stage and cannot take your own life, it will be done for you.’
    • ‘It must be an very sad place to be for victims, when they see no hope other than the ultimate step of taking your own life.’