Meaning of take someone aside in English:

take someone aside

(also draw someone aside)


  • Move someone away from a group of people in order to talk privately.

    ‘he took him aside and urged him to quit wasting his time and talent’
    • ‘I wanted to hurt the man for making my mother cry, but she took me aside as the group moved what they were carrying over to the side of the house.’
    • ‘Otto then grabbed the little man by his collar and took him aside.’
    • ‘Then, just as he was preparing for his most significant challenge yet, the manager took him aside in August to inform him of an imminent signing.’
    • ‘I frowned at her less than enthused reaction but before I could take her aside and call her on it she moved up to her oblivious family, politely greeting them with a false cheer that she obviously didn't feel.’
    • ‘He started to approach my Mom as if he was going to take her aside and engage her in a private conversation, but he didn't get the chance.’
    • ‘He drew Harry aside so they could speak privately.’
    • ‘For some reason, that scene wasn't entirely working in rehearsal, but Billy took Hayden aside and told him to play the scene as though he actually believed what he was saying.’
    • ‘Once, when I kept shifting off my alto line back to the melody line over and over again, he took me aside after the rehearsal and whispered, ‘Sing the melody.’’
    • ‘I'm pleased because I did not know at the start of this season if the manager was going to bring in somebody else but he took me aside and told me and this only raised my confidence.’
    • ‘I couldn't really relax, but Wes took me aside and said, ‘Look, you're here.’’
    • ‘One day the warden actually took me aside and said he thought for my own mental welfare that I shouldn't stay there.’
    • ‘He took me aside and said, ‘John, would you trust me to do some things here that I think are necessary?’’
    • ‘I was coming out of a restaurant recently with my wife, and one of them took me aside and told me to be careful - he pointed out a guy nearby on a motorbike and said that he'd heard he planned to follow us.’
    • ‘That night, Thad took me aside, out into the alley behind the kitchen.’
    • ‘She took me aside and told me it was important that we stock his latest book prominantly in time for the holiday season.’
    • ‘The lovely person I was performing with took me aside afterwards and told me several things.’
    • ‘He took me aside after a few weeks and said he did not think I was a right-back and I had to agree with him.’
    • ‘It was great to have some thanks and my boss took me aside to thank me for my contribution to achieving the targets.’
    • ‘His first day on campus, a counsellor took him aside, looked him in the eye and said: ‘Your kind never make it here.’’
    • ‘But when I took him aside that afternoon he confessed that his right side felt weak.’