Meaning of take someone to the woodshed in English:

take someone to the woodshed


informal, dated North American
  • Reprove or punish someone.

    • ‘if you miss the call, you get taken to the woodshed’
    • ‘They was gonna take him to the woodshed but then they let him off the hook.’
    • ‘Most of you were entertained, some were info-tained, but a couple of readers took me to the woodshed.’
    • ‘It's now time to take him to the woodshed for a good old-fashioned whipping.’
    • ‘For these remarks, DeBerry was taken to the woodshed by the head of the Academy, and then, all but wearing sackcloth and ashes, he offered an abject apology for being ‘hurtful to many people.’’
    • ‘If Mosley gets past Wright, who looked less than stimulating in his last, he'll take Trinidad to the woodshed.’