Meaning of take something lying down in English:

take something lying down


  • usually with negative Accept an insult, setback, or rebuke without protest.

    ‘she's laughing at me for being weak and I'm not going to take it lying down any longer’
    • ‘The visitors refused to take this setback lying down and almost immediately forced a corner.’
    • ‘Congressional wildlife supporters didn't take the ambush lying down.’
    • ‘This was never the kind of game where players took things lying down.’
    • ‘Neither the newspaper nor the rest of the press took it lying down.’
    • ‘At least she isn't taking his attacks lying down.’
    • ‘The magazine isn't taking her comments lying down, however.’
    • ‘But, at least along the province's South Shore, folks are not taking things lying down.’
    • ‘He explained the college was not taking the news lying down and was working hard to repackage courses, such as offering alternatives that may not have an exam at the end.’
    • ‘Fortunately, companies are not taking it lying down.’
    • ‘Right now, some critical favorites are on the endangered list, and fans are not taking it lying down.’