Meaning of take something on board in English:

take something on board


  • Fully consider or assimilate a new idea or situation.

    • ‘we've got to take accusations of sexism on board’
    • ‘I am not surprised the idea has not been taken on board.’
    • ‘After a lot of discussion with you all, your ideas have been taken on board.’
    • ‘We feel people are taking these things on board, following advice and genuinely complying with regulations.’
    • ‘It's great to see the Government recognise this and take our model on board so comprehensively.’
    • ‘‘I understand the fans frustrations and I take it on board,’ said Thompson.’
    • ‘It would be pleasing to many people if this suggestion was followed up and especially if elected representatives would take it on board.’
    • ‘Members of the group were anxious that the parking bay for the school bus should be clearly defined and Dave also took this request on board.’
    • ‘But we believe customs were very receptive with the feedback we gave and took it on board in making this great decision.’
    • ‘They claim he is trying to bury the issue rather than taking their criticisms on board.’
    • ‘Moreover, the trust is taking environmental concerns on board by planning better park and ride and cycling facilities for those who can use them.’
    understand, comprehend, work out, fathom out, make sense of, grasp, catch, follow, perceive, make out, penetrate, divine, search out, ferret out, puzzle out, take in, assimilate, absorb, get to the bottom of