Meaning of take the chill off in English:

take the chill off


  • Warm slightly.

    ‘an electric heater took the chill off the house’
    • ‘Eating something warm took the chill off 29%, while 18% cuddled up under the duvet to watch TV.’
    • ‘So I turned the volume down and turned on the little heater to take the chill off & hit the snooze button for 10 minutes.’
    • ‘A few years ago LaMarche and his partner, Josee Savard, purchased large gas heaters to take the chill off on bad days.’
    • ‘We can endure in our churches enough warmth to take the chill off, but more than this is offensive.’
    • ‘Electric heating will take the chill off a room and is ideal under a limestone or tiled bathroom floor.’
    • ‘With a fondue I can dip my meat in for a couple of seconds to take the chill off, while my guests reduce it to a little wizened lump of charcoal, but as long as all parties are happy, who cares.’
    • ‘Adding a heat lamp to a bathroom to take the chill off on cold mornings.’
    • ‘Like white, it was an easy option - you could paint the whole house in it - and its creamy warmth took the chill off rooms.’
    • ‘It's a suitably rustic setting, with exposed stone and a roaring fireplace that takes the chill off a cold winter's night.’
    • ‘So I slipped it in the microwave to take the chill off it, waited for a couple of minutes and put it down for Harry to enjoy.’
    • ‘It's a great pudding for a family lunch, but remember to take it out of the fridge a little early to take the chill off it.’
    • ‘Bahzell had the second watch, and when Tothas turned in at last, it was to find the hradani had gotten up early and tucked a heated stone into his blankets to take the chill off them.’
    • ‘The effect of the hot tea bag, and still-warm mug, is to take the chill off the milk - and impregnate it with a mild tea flavour.’
    heat, heat up, become warm, make warm, become hot, make hot, raise the temperature of, increase in temperature, thaw, thaw out, melt, take the chill off