Meaning of take the edge off in English:

take the edge off

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  • Reduce the intensity or effect of (something unpleasant or severe)

    ‘the tablets will take the edge off the pain’
    • ‘I would always have two pints after a round to take the edge off and relax.’
    • ‘Taking 500 mg of milk thistle before embarking on a long night of drinking often takes the edge off the after effects.’
    • ‘Staying in high gear whenever possible, accelerating slowly and reducing weight can help take the edge off the fuel bill.’
    • ‘A couple of overdue emails took the edge off of the urge but didn't sate it.’
    • ‘My Friend Rob I have a friend who reads my stuff and sends me thoughtful email and I got a great note from him this morning about my son being ill and how sometimes praying can take the edge off - I totally agree.’
    • ‘Yet resurgent consumer spending, the lifeblood of all advanced post-industrial economies like Hong Kong's, should take the edge off, economists said.’
    • ‘And right now, they don't have anything to take the edge off.’
    • ‘Keep on biking and swimming, though, to take the edge off.’
    • ‘Apparently the painkillers had worn off and, when he couldn't find his usual source, decided to buy some crack to take the edge off.’
    • ‘The real man gets up and pounds back a cold one to take the edge off.’
    allay, assuage, alleviate, ease, relieve, reduce, diminish, decrease, lessen, soothe, soften, dull, cushion, mollify, moderate, calm, lull, temper, mitigate, palliate, blunt, deaden, abate, tone down
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