Meaning of take the hint in English:

take the hint


(also take a hint)
  • Understand and act on what someone is implying or suggesting.

    ‘she tried to put him off but he didn't take the hint’
    • ‘Cloud took the hint and latched his arms around both my legs when I jumped.’
    • ‘Hilary kept at it, not taking the hint that Lavenna didn't want to talk about it.’
    • ‘Meeting Faolan's eye, I yawn suggestively, and he takes the hint.’
    • ‘Logan took the hint and gave a small smile of understanding.’
    • ‘As one should never address a surgeon directly in Spain, the columnist suggests trying to sing, hoping the surgeon takes the hint.’
    • ‘He took the hint and headed in a westerly direction.’
    • ‘He took the hint, but sadly, things didn't get any better.’
    • ‘Many Vietnamese tourist attractions took the hint and prevented Chinese visitors from attending their venues.’
    • ‘When the behavior continued, the compliance department took the hint and kept quiet.’
    • ‘I took the hint and cut back on the hooch, and pretty soon the headache faded.’
    understand, get the point, get the drift, comprehend