Meaning of take the liberty in English:

take the liberty


  • Venture to do something without first asking permission.

    ‘I took the liberty of checking out a few convalescent homes for him’
    • ‘I took the liberty of fiddling with the scansion in Lines 3 and 7.’
    • ‘My head feels as if it is stuffed with cotton wool, my tongue is made from plywood and someone took the liberty of welding a high pitched electronic buzzer to the inside of my middle ear.’
    • ‘I took the liberty of participating in the coed and competitive basketball leagues and found, to my surprise, that there are a lot of good players.’
    • ‘I took the liberty of putting down a deposit for you - or should I call it an ‘up-front payment’?’
    • ‘Yesterday, Apple took the liberty of launching their newest iPod, called the iPod Nano.’
    • ‘Since she owned the paper, she took the liberty of searching out and reporting her own stories.’
    • ‘We took the liberty of marking up the photo to illustrate your points.’
    • ‘While the establishment seemed to spoil the rich, she took the liberty to pamper the poor.’
    • ‘Mark, while you were away from your desk I took the liberty of sorting the unopened incoming mail for you.’
    • ‘I'm taking the liberty of passing along two short poems of my own; please do keep submitting yours, and please pass along the call for submissions to others.’