Meaning of take the lid off in English:

take the lid off

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(also blow the lid off)
  • Reveal unwelcome secrets about.

    • ‘her latest novel takes the lid off the international art world’
    • ‘Sometimes the rule that lets us lift the lid on the nation's secrets comes up with humdrum stuff.’
    • ‘A lighthearted charity auction will lift the lid on the bathroom secrets of the stars next month to help autistic children - by auctioning autographed toilet seats.’
    • ‘The new committee also plans to lift the lid off Athy's secret and promote the waterways at a national level by advertising in national newspaper and magazines.’
    • ‘It's taking the lid off and showing them the (ugly, ugly) workings of the guys in power right now.’
    • ‘Their bill encourages fewer firms to control more of our media outlets and phone lines, while it also takes the lid off how much they can gouge us for the service.’
    • ‘‘I decided to involve Louis because I wanted to take the lid off all this corruption,’ says Neil.’
    • ‘The only problem I have with the stuff is that if you open, let's say, a tin of salmon, place it in said container and then leave it too long, you have to deal with it when you eventually take the lid off.’
    • ‘A 337-page report lifts the lid on how retailers conspired to stop price cuts.’
    • ‘A dustcart driver has lifted the lid on how green waste has also been dumped in landfills under Hampshire's flagship recycling scheme.’
    • ‘‘We have tried to find out what part he had and we've been working to lift the lid on what he did,’ said one official on the US Congress International Relations committee.’
    expose, reveal, bring to light, make known, make public, bring into the open, leak, disclose, divulge, broadcast, publish, release
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