Meaning of take the long view in English:

take the long view


  • Think beyond the current situation.

    ‘He had held many of his views since early adulthood, and he took the long view.’
    • ‘Conservative strategists taking the long view must already be realizing the next election, generally expected just a few months from now, could turn out disastrously for the new party.’
    • ‘It would seem that in this one unique instance the government is taking the long view.’
    • ‘He came across as the charismatic voice of reason, talking sense and taking the long view.’
    • ‘As a company we are not taken in by fads, we take the long view.’
    • ‘The energy industry has always had to take the long view.’
    • ‘If history teaches us anything, it's to take the long view.’
    • ‘But as a technology publication, we like to take the long view here, and we try to determine the long-term viability of technologies, not just their instant gratification factor.’
    • ‘Rarely do government officials take the long view.’
    • ‘In the hyperactive world of investing - with its rapid trades and lust for instant wealth - some analysts take the long view.’