Meaning of take the shine off in English:

take the shine off


  • Spoil the brilliance or excitement of.

    ‘these concerns are taking the shine off Britain's economic recovery’
    • ‘However you look at it, it takes the shine off all those positive press releases boasting how she keeps playing to full houses in Las Vegas, doesn't it?’
    • ‘But, disappointing as that decision was, Rovers shouldn't let it take the shine off what was an otherwise fantastic night.’
    • ‘Even that defeat could not take the shine off what has been an amazing year for this remarkable young man.’
    • ‘Having an off year doesn't take the shine off the job for you?’
    • ‘But it caused her a major headache at an already difficult time, and to be greeted by a damp, cold flat took the shine off her move.’
    • ‘She goes on, ‘The moment you take away the dowry, you take the shine off the ceremony.’’
    • ‘But that will only slightly take the shine off this victory.’
    • ‘However, exceptional and extraordinary charges will take the shine off the above-the-line figures.’
    • ‘But the absence of these key players is taking the shine off the Rugby World Cup, it's making it less of a contest than it otherwise would have been.’
    • ‘A larger memory card and simpler phone dialling would have been nice, but that doesn't take the shine off this five-star performer.’
    ruin, wreck, destroy, upset, undo, mess up, make a mess of, dash, sabotage, scupper, scotch, torpedo, blast, vitiate