Meaning of Taki-Taki in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtɑːkɪˌtɑːki/


mass noun
  • An English-based creole language of Suriname.

    Also called Sranan

    ‘The native tribes in the interior, however, use their own language, and the African tribes use Taki-Taki, a pidgin English.’
    • ‘Sranan is sometimes also called Sranan Tongo ‘Suriname tongue’ or Taki-Taki ‘talktalk’.’
    • ‘This, at least, is our conclusion, because ever since that time, three hundred years ago, an English-based Creole (called Sranan, Negro-English, Surinaams, or Taki-Taki) has been the national language of Suriname.’
    • ‘Fortunately one of our contacts speaks Taki Taki who is also the sister of our main lead at the HOPE Centre (small world!).’
    • ‘The language with the smallest vocabulary in the world is a Creole called Taki-Taki (about 750 words) spoken in Suriname, South America.’


An alteration of talkee-talkee.