Meaning of Talaing in English:


Pronunciation /təˈlʌɪŋ/

nounplural noun Talaing, plural noun Talaings

  • another term for Mon (noun)

    ‘The Talaings were regarded as superior boatmen, but not seamen, and made extensive use of war canoes.’
    • ‘Today, most of the Talaing are the descendants of the fugitives who fled from the Burmese.’
    • ‘Pegu itself is said to have been founded by two Mon princes in 573, as the first capital of Talaings.’
    • ‘The term Talaing only had currency in Burma; among the Siamese and others, Western linguists included, the word Mon is generally used.’
    • ‘His advisors duly selected a Talaing princeling who was afforded regal pomp and respect before he was ceremoniously sacrificed by being buried alive at the site where Sule Paya was to be constructed.’
    • ‘The Burmans refer to the Mon as Talaing, a term attributed with various meanings and origins, but the general consensus is that it has acquired, if it did not originally have, pejorative overtones.’
    • ‘It was the city of Talaing people who had ventured down the Thanlwin River and settled at this place.’
    • ‘He was ruler of Suvannabhumi and ruled over the Talaings.’
    • ‘Perhaps founded in 573 by the Mon people, the community became the capital of the powerful Talaing Kingdom in the 14th century.’
    • ‘Myanmar's early history is mainly the story of the struggle of the Burmans against the Mons, or Talaings (of Mon-Khmer origin, now assimilated).’


  • another term for Mon (adjective)


The name in Burmese.