Meaning of talent spotter in English:

talent spotter


  • A person whose job is to search for talented performers who can be employed or promoted, especially in sport and entertainment; a talent scout.

    ‘Maybe, just maybe, White really is just an exceptional talent spotter, someone who knows what a gem looks like and knows how to uncover that gem and maximise its shine.’
    • ‘Known to be a talent spotter and a shrewd judge of stories, his very first sitting with Gunasekhar convinced him.’
    • ‘She would not even have run, had it not been for an experienced talent spotter who persuaded the event's organisers to let her compete at the last minute.’
    • ‘But as the five winners - Myleene Klass, Suzanne Shaw, Kym Marsh, Danny Foster and Noel Sullivan - set about recording their debut album, a commercial talent spotter promised to help the five losers form a rival band.’
    • ‘Whether it's unveiling Eddie Irvine or Rubens Barrichello, or even resurrecting the career of last year's sensation Heinz-Harald Frentzen, the genial Irishman has proven beyond doubt that he is second to none as a talent spotter.’
    • ‘The Danish talent spotter, who established his reputation in Holland with PSV Eindhoven, had been made a double-your-money offer to head Chelsea's youth system.’
    • ‘Sir - Is there anyone who remembers the Canadian talent spotter Carol Lewis holding auditions at the Gaumont?’
    • ‘Top talent spotter Barrie Tait has ended 12-years of Red Devil roving to establish Leeds United's scouting network in the region.’
    • ‘But Graeme Souness wants the former Liverpool star to act as a talent spotter for Rovers.’
    • ‘It is his skills as a talent spotter, though, that have earned McNeill most plaudits.’
    • ‘Her cousins sent a tape of her voice to a talent spotter at a major record company.’
    • ‘But although Edwin may have attracted the talent spotters with his performances at top events such as Le Mans and Spa at Belgium, his father may have the edge in Sunday's event.’
    • ‘The Bolton boss, who describes his army of talent spotters and agents as ‘the lifeblood of the club’, wants extra cash to fund his plan to compete for the best of the world's biggest bargains.’
    • ‘We went after the directors and the operation planners, but they are still at large and so are countless foot soldiers and talent spotters.’
    • ‘Together with driver Eddie Meeks, from Kendal, Mr Perie is looking forward to building a completely new car this year, which the pair hope will catapult them into the headlights of talent spotters at the championship series in 2006.’
    • ‘It is the foremost championship for talent spotters to seek future stars and with the Graduate Cup, people will find it easier to see the progress of emerging drivers.’
    • ‘By dint of obsessional body-building and frequent demonstrations of mindless thuggery, he will have so impressed the local talent spotters that they will have given him a job in one of their security firms.’
    • ‘Most had their hopes of stardom dashed without singing a note, but 400 were singled out after talent spotters deemed they had the ‘right look’ for the band.’
    • ‘So impressed were the talent spotters at the League of Ireland club that they signed David up at the end of the first session.’
    • ‘In such a diverse and dynamic economy, executive search is no longer the relatively straightforward process is used to be - talent spotters now have to work a lot harder to identify people with the right skills for jobs at the top.’
    talent spotter, talent scout, recruiter