Meaning of talesman in English:


nounplural noun talesmen

  • A person summoned by a tales.

    ‘The discretion of executing the process in summoning talesmen is vested in the sheriff, unless one of the party shall require a special bailiff, and then the discretion rests in him.’
    • ‘Talesman after talesman was excused because of a fixed opinion.’
    • ‘Of the 1000 talesmen summoned, only ten came from the 14th ward, the working-class quarter.’
    • ‘In the afternoon session he asked the talesmen this question: ‘Would you give the defendants the benefit of any doubt?’’
    • ‘The court overruled the motion, and stated: ‘You will have an opportunity to examine the talesmen.’’



/ˈteɪliːzmən/ /ˈteɪlzmən/