Meaning of talk a blue streak in English:

talk a blue streak


informal North American
  • Speak continuously and at great length.

    • ‘he was a taciturn guy but he would talk a blue streak about the X-15’
    • ‘it's a subject Faith wishes she didn't have to speak about, but she does, passionately talking a blue streak’
    • ‘Reading it is like trying to keep up with a fast walker who is also talking a blue streak.’
    • ‘Unfortunately I know very little about them because I talked a blue streak from the moment they stepped in the door to the moment the door closed behind them when they left.’
    • ‘She hadn't slept for three days, and talked a blue streak.’
    • ‘The Chorus leader and, of course, Electra talk a blue streak.’
    • ‘Thus he asks Rick-the-coward, who talks a blue streak about the dancing contest, the confrontation with the jocks, the pictures, and the confrontation with Hattie.’