Meaning of talk a good game in English:

talk a good game


  • Speak fluently or convincingly about something without necessarily matching one's words with actions.

    • ‘politicians talk a good game but don't act’
    • ‘Everyone talks a good game, but some don't practice it the way they should.’
    • ‘Companies talk a good game when it comes to protecting their clients' personal information, but—when it comes to paying for that security—they're more apt to be "penny-wise and pound-foolish".’
    • ‘I cannot help but sense that he talks a good game about work, the future, and his principles, but when it comes to putting words into actions, he won't.’
    • ‘Those city councillors talk a good game, but then demonstrate that they really understand nothing about the fabric of urban life.’
    • ‘While he talks a good game, he hasn't proven himself to be a team builder.’