Meaning of talk sense into in English:

talk sense into


  • Persuade (someone) to behave more sensibly.

    ‘just as well she's coming; she might be able to talk some sense into you’
    • ‘You can't talk sense into these people here.’
    • ‘Some officers try to talk sense into the taunters.’
    • ‘But I owe him a big thank you for talking sense into me.’
    • ‘As you can see, she's the only one talking sense into Jenny at the moment.’
    • ‘Jeffrey tried not to raise his voice but it was hard talking sense into Ethan when he was like this.’
    • ‘Pa's trying to talk sense into them, but only a few see it his way.’
    • ‘She said you'd all do something hideously stupid with your lives, since she wasn't there to talk sense into you all.’
    • ‘My heart went out to him, but there was nothing I could do to talk sense into him.’
    • ‘He knew it was pointless but Luca still kept up his efforts in trying to talk sense into Blake.’