Meaning of talk through in English:

talk through

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phrasal verb

  • 1talk something through, talk through somethingDiscuss something thoroughly.

    • ‘he needed to spend time talking through his feelings’
  • 2talk someone through somethingEnable someone to perform a task by giving them continuous instruction.

    ‘the two presenters talk you through hanging different types of paper’
    • ‘He signaled the tow team supervisor to stop the operation and then got in the cab of the tow vehicle with the driver and talked him through this complicated task.’
    • ‘The solicitor talked us through all the legal steps and helped us draw up a will.’
    • ‘Jenna used scissors to cut the cord and at the same time we rang for an ambulance and they talked us through what to do until they arrived.’
    • ‘Carlos talked Jordon through his shift, slowly explaining the routine of scrubbing conveyer belts, grinders, blenders, and bone cutters.’
    • ‘It looks pretty convenient for a new desktop user and would be easy for a support person to talk someone through it.’
    • ‘They were paid instructors, and they talked us through the exam as we did it.’
    • ‘He rang with a glitch on his computer, I talked him through something I hoped would sort it out for him.’
    • ‘To help us contact our angels and guides, we are talked through meditation and relaxation exercises that lead our hypnotised minds to rooms with doors and plaques, where we might be able to read their names.’
    • ‘She is best remembered for her cookery programmes set in her quaint Suffolk cottage, where she meticulously talks viewers through the intricacies of every recipe.’
    • ‘The software literally talks the trainees through all the procedures.’