Meaning of talk time in English:

talk time

Pronunciation /ˈtɔːk tʌɪm/


mass noun
  • The time during which a mobile telephone is in use to handle calls, especially as a measure of the duration of the telephone's battery.

    ‘a battery that delivers 130 minutes of talk time’
    • ‘Batteries will usually last at least 100 hours on standby and give around two hours' talktime, but batteries that last for up to 15 days standby and ten hours talk-time are available.’
    • ‘The P910i has a published 13-hour talktime and 400 hours of standby time.’
    • ‘The FS258 also has a good battery life - its published specs are a maximum of 8 hours of talktime or 240 on standby.’
    • ‘It's got an 1150mAh battery, enough for five hours' talktime and 10.4 days' stand-by time.’
    • ‘A side button on the top left of the T68 gives status information, including date, current profile setting, standby time and talktime remaining, and GPRS status.’
    • ‘Measuring 106x46x20 mm and weighing 99g, Siemens claim a battery life of 300 hours standby or six hours of talktime; in practice, three days easy.’
    • ‘The speech quality is excellent and talktime on a single charge is about four to five hours.’
    • ‘Those who are feeling generous might prefer to buy a phone with free talktime included.’
    • ‘It's a mite bigger than another Bluetooth headset I have tried - the Motorola headset - but it has up to eight hours talktime, easily the longest of any model on the market.’
    • ‘HTC claims the device allows 3 hours talktime or 100 hours of standby.’
    • ‘A lithium-ion battery gives a quoted talktime of five hours and standby of 150 hours which is pretty realistic.’
    • ‘The phone has a standby time of just 35 hours, and a meagre talktime of 2.5 hours, a figure which I suspect covers voice alone, not battery-draining video or high speed data.’