Meaning of talk up in English:

talk up

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phrasal verb

  • talk someone or something up, talk up someone or somethingDiscuss someone or something in a way that makes them seem more interesting or attractive.

    ‘he is talking up the company to stock analysts’
    • ‘he has become feted by the fashionable and been talked up generally’
    • ‘If you are in the business of flogging houses, it is in your financial interest to talk the market up.’
    • ‘It's not even especially interestingly designed, despite attempts to try and talk it up.’
    • ‘He talks people down, stretches the truth, ignores or denies uncomfortable facts, is blatantly rude to anyone to questions him.’
    • ‘Sure, partisan pundits spent the campaign season talking their own guy up, but that's a different matter.’
    • ‘I like to think I am already an ambassador, talking Scotland up when I go abroad.’
    • ‘I am not going to spend these next few weeks going around talking Britain down.’
    • ‘He does always seem to be talking the players down, saying they are not good enough.’
    • ‘Despite the obvious problems with the court, its officials, publicly at least, are talking it up.’
    • ‘And it's just possible that we ought to be talking it up rather than running it down.’
    • ‘I absolutely loved the film, and was talking it up to people who were really skeptical about it.’
    promote, push, boost, hype, merchandise, publicize, advertise, give publicity to, give a puff to, puff, puff up, build up, bang the drum for, beat the drum for