Meaning of talking cure in English:

talking cure


(also talking therapy)
  • A method of treating mental conditions or emotional difficulties that involves talking to a therapist or counsellor, in either individual or group sessions.

    ‘An interesting contradiction is that while much effort has been expended toward defining addiction as a brain disease, much of the treatment for it relies on ‘talking cures,’ such as 12-step groups and counseling.’
    • ‘Although she was offered medication, she turned instead to the traditional talking cure offered by a clinical psychotherapist.’
    • ‘But the call for doctors to prescribe ‘talking cures’ such as counselling for people suffering the most common forms of depression begs other questions.’
    • ‘Several elements that lent credence to such talking cures were deeply rooted within American culture.’
    • ‘The ‘working through’ of their traumas is therefore accomplished not by way of the talking cure, but through unconditional acceptance, love, and understanding from an outsider who assures them that it is safe to rejoin the world.’
    • ‘The vehicle of her rehabilitation, then, is in part the talking cure: ‘I knew what the boulder was; that it was a word; and that behind that word I would find my earliest emotions’.’
    • ‘By selecting the role of author as opposed to analysand, Smith begins her own version of the talking cure; she writes through her problems but refuses to hear the interpretation of the external analyst.’
    • ‘Sometimes I prescribe certain drugs for certain reasons, just like shamans and healers have always done, but basically this is a talking cure, and it does work if you're willing to meet me halfway.’
    • ‘One of the inheritors of biblical myth consciousness was Josef Bruer in Vienna, who collaborated with a man named Sigmund Freud in developing what they called the talking cure.’
    • ‘By encouraging self-expression and discouraging censorship, the talking cure nurtured free and creative expression in a safe setting.’
    • ‘Of course, as any survivor of the talking cure will tell you, there's nothing wrong with a conversation in which only one side contributes.’
    • ‘It is through video that essentially curative work is proposed and attempted and such work is, like Freud's talking cure, communication.’
    • ‘Just as Morrison follows Freud in her emphasis on memory, Beloved, like Freud's talking cure, points to the power of storytelling.’
    • ‘And they want to discuss it - making this the political equivalent of Freud's talking cure.’