Meaning of talking film in English:

talking film


(also talking picture)
  • A film with a soundtrack, as distinct from a silent film.

    ‘On the way over to Harlem, Pinto and Jolson passed a movie theater playing a revival of ‘The Jazz Singer, ‘the first talking picture, starring the immortal George Jessel.’’
    • ‘The advent of talking pictures put her out of work.’
    • ‘He was, above all, a celebrity, and he died before talking pictures could tarnish his hypnotic image.’
    • ‘He moved into direction with a silent two-reel drama, Sunlight, lost from sight in the excitement of talking pictures.’
    • ‘In 1932, as talking pictures swept the world, Wallace Beery played a fat and faded fighter trying to recreate his past for his too-cute son in The Champ, a lachrymose film characteristic of its time.’
    • ‘The process of film-making is going through the most profound revolution since the advent of talking pictures.’
    • ‘When talking films came in, the movie studios had a problem: how to market their product overseas.’
    • ‘They concocted a period piece, set way back at the coming of talking pictures, 24 years earlier.’
    • ‘But she won the Best Actress Oscar for this movie in her debut role in talking pictures - and deserved it.’
    • ‘Her remarkable vocal projection was necessary for a Hollywood that needed recordable voices for the new talking pictures.’
    • ‘The makers of Tala kitchenware, famous manufacturers of icing equipment and kitchenware generally, have recently made a talking film in colour entitled ‘Let's decorate a cake.’’
    • ‘Hollywood already was in the throes of the changeover to talking pictures in 1928, but it was too late to make ‘The Man Who Laughs ‘a talkie.’’
    • ‘Chaplin, with his unique popularity, was able to stretch his transition from silents to talkies over a decade and completed one successful talking film, The Great Dictator.’
    • ‘Although Keaton also made several talking pictures, his silent movies are what made him famous and define his most creative efforts as a filmmaker and actor.’
    • ‘Reaching for the Moon starred none other than Mr. Hollywood, Douglas Fairbanks, in his second talking picture, and co-starred Bebe Daniels, with Bing Crosby along to do the singing.’
    • ‘The first full-length talking picture, The Jazz Singer, opened in New York.’
    • ‘The audience will encounter a much serious version of Chaplin in ‘Great Dictator’, his first talking film, on April 20.’
    • ‘From September 1920, children were admitted free to the pictures and 10 years later, the first local full-length talking picture, Devil May Care, was shown at the hall.’
    • ‘They'll get the same period feel as the film, it's the start of talking pictures and the problems that poses to the existing silent stars.’
    • ‘Fetchit's early work in Hollywood as a lazy, whining clown in films such as In Old Kentucky and Salute got him noticed, but it was Hearts in Dixie, an all-black talking picture, that first highlighted his comic gifts.’