Meaning of talking of — in English:

talking of —


mainly British
  • While we are on the subject of — (said when one is reminded of something by the present topic of conversation)

    ‘talking of cards, you'd better take a couple of my business cards’
    • ‘And talking of walks in the park, that's exactly what I plan for this weekend - a work-free couple of days including some pleasant strolling in the summer sun, with phones switched off and computers unplugged.’
    • ‘And talking of lives depending on it - if you sponsor me to run for the British Red Cross you will be helping to bring drinking water to Africa, helping people in war torn parts of the world and bringing relief to those in crisis.’
    • ‘And talking of politicians, as someone who is generally soberly dressed and because my day-job involves mixing with them, I am sometimes mistaken for one… a politician that is.’
    • ‘We read in the tiny church of the ‘desolate’ local roads, and of the church once being the haunt of outlaws; talking of roads - the three short stretches today yielded three cars.’
    • ‘And talking of announcements, what exactly happened to the Beatles-themed hotel the same team said would be opening in 2003?’
    • ‘And talking of photos, I am helping out at a photo-shoot tonight.’
    • ‘And talking of thieves, is anyone surprised burglary is on the increase?’
    • ‘And, talking of ruts, the landscape here is grooved with many prehistoric ones.’
    • ‘And talking of holidays, it's time I signed off and set off for a week at the seaside.’
    • ‘And talking of Brighton, I'm off there today with Sarah to see Neil, Emma and Kate.’