Meaning of tall hat in English:

tall hat


another term for top hat
‘He was wearing a large overcoat, a tall hat, a scarf and various other clothes to ward off the immense cold which I myself did not much feel.’
  • ‘But a priest, a bull with a tall hat and golden gown, told them to leave me alone or be expelled from the cathedral.’
  • ‘Leading the procession, holding what was probably a large cross in the air, dressed in gold-lined robes and a tall hat - yep, it was Cane.’
  • ‘The most prolific Philadelphia maker of tall hats appears to have been James Hill, who worked between 1857 and 1873 at 531 Callowhill Street.’
  • ‘Before that physicians depended on a tall hat, a good bedside manner and a smartly turned out horse and carriage to impress and recruit patients.’
  • ‘Then there's the prick at her throat as the light comes up, a spotlight below her on the ringmaster and his impossibly tall hat.’
  • ‘Gregory Peck is third from the right in the tall hat, and among others in the group are Leo Genn, director John Huston and Richard Basehart.’
  • ‘I cannot imagine you sitting in an office over a ledger, and do you wear a tall hat and an umbrella and a little black bag?’
  • ‘Somewhere in the background, near the fence, a gentleman with a tall hat was keeping a vigilant eye on the scene.’
  • ‘He turned around and ran up to the front of the hall, and whispered into the ear of the man with the tall hat.’
  • ‘Using a combination of architectural models, photographs, drawings and a female actor in long coat, tall hat and beard of Lincoln, the film is both reminiscent of and an effective critique of educational films.’
  • ‘He's about your height, Mark, and he's wearing a sort of tall hat, almost like… you know Abraham Lincoln?’