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tall ship

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  • A sailing ship with a high mast or masts.

    ‘The Trafalgar celebrations, focusing on the life and death of Admiral Lord Nelson, saw naval ships; tall ships and vessels of all descriptions fill the eastern Solent.’
    • ‘As one of the women taking part in the six-day trip, sailing a tall ship - or any sailboat, for that matter - was a completely new experience.’
    • ‘There were a record number of entries from yellow submarines, tall ships, small ships, rafts, sea serpents, to shipwrecks and fishing boats and lots more besides.’
    • ‘Besides the Navy, the harbour at Leith will feature more than 150 vessels of all sizes, from tall ships to working boats, and visitors will get a chance to climb aboard many to talk to the crews about their life at sea.’
    • ‘After years of planning, months of anticipation and days of gathering, more than 170 warships, tall ships and merchantmen were marshaled for the Queen to review in the Fleet's traditional anchorage at Spithead.’
    • ‘More than 50 British warships, survey vessels, training ships and auxiliaries will be joined by more than 120 foreign warships, merchantmen and tall ships in a review formation at Spithead.’
    • ‘Expect to see lots of tall ships, small ships, rafts, submarines, mermaids, dolphins and lots more, so why not participate this year there's still time!’
    • ‘Would be sailors got a taste for life on a tall ship on a day sail on board the 200-foot long square-rigged Stavros S Niarchos when the Sail Training Association brig visited Waterford this month.’
    • ‘In this exhibition, the gallery floor resembled a crowded marina with an unlikely array of vessels, among them a tall ship, a tugboat, a destroyer, a cruise ship and others.’
    • ‘Indeed, the country was so flat that you could see for miles, miles that included the outlines of both a prosperous big city and several tall ships, their masts stretching seemingly up to the clouds.’
    • ‘Fifteen of the 104 tall ships sailing to Newcastle berthed at Whitby over the weekend - attracting large crowds to the port.’
    • ‘One critic has called the latest project a ‘lighthearted civic celebration,’ and compared it to the tall ships that sailed into New York harbor to mark the US bicentennial and have returned on several occasions since.’
    • ‘A rogue wave caused the sinking of the tall ship Marques off of Bermuda in 1984.’
    • ‘Did you know that part of the Navy's fleet is a tall ship STS Young Endeavour?’
    • ‘Although no other tall ships have yet signed up to challenge Star Clipper for the World Peace Cup, next year's Classic Yacht Regatta is shaping up to be just as exciting.’
    • ‘With a turbulent, troubled year nearly behind us, the chance to escape to another century, where heroes ruled, bravery won the day and spectacular tall ships roamed the sea discovering exotic new lands, sounds like just the ticket.’
    • ‘At least 60 tall ships are expected to leave Cadiz, Spain, on May 7 for a transatlantic race to Bermuda, probably accompanied by a few of the OpSail 2000 tall ships.’
    • ‘Invitations have been extended to more than 70 countries around the world to take part in IFOS, which is set for June 30 and July 3, and at present more than 20 tall ships are expected.’
    • ‘The centre of Hull was gridlocked last night as tens of thousands of sightseers made their way to the banks of the Humber for the arrival of the largest flotilla of tall ships on the river since the 1880s.’
    • ‘She says the fact that the tall ships are berthed in the heart of Waterford gives the city an advantage over many others privileged to host the Tall Ships Races, whose ports are some distance from their vibrant centres.’