Meaning of Tallarook in English:


Pronunciation /ˌtaləˈrʊk/

proper noun

  • A town on the Hume Highway in Victoria, Australia.


    things are crook in Tallarook
    Australian informal
    • The situation is bad or unpleasant.

      • ‘the focus group has suddenly told them that things are crook in Tallarook’
      • ‘As every partial indicator has already shown, things are crook in Tallarook.’
      • ‘The reality is more and more Australians are being driven to their wits end by this government's malfeasance. Things are crook in Tallarook.’
      • ‘Things were crook in Tallarook after the Hawkesbury River ran a banker and washed away houses, stock and crops which left the colony to face a savage diet reduction and starvation.’
      • ‘Something is crook in Tallarook; the club was engulfed by a drug scandal this week.’
      • ‘It's only if things are crook in Tallarook that we raise our hand in peaceful protest.’