Meaning of tally-hi in English:


Pronunciation /taliˈhʌɪ/


mass nounAustralian
  • A fast method of sheep shearing that allows a higher number of sheep to be processed in a given time.

    ‘on the fifth day of shearing all the shearers were using tally-hi’
    • ‘a tally-hi coaching class’
    • ‘Shearers were being introduced to Tally-Hi.’
    • ‘"Tally-hi" shearers may possibly show less variation than others.’
    • ‘Sheep are more comfortable because of the "Tally-Hi" positioning.’
    • ‘It has been found that sheep do not struggle when held by "Tally-Hi" positioning, ind this minimises the effort required of the shearer.’
    • ‘Tally-Hi is recommended as making shearing quicker and easier, and improving the quality of fleeces presented for sale.’