Meaning of tally room in English:

tally room


  • A place where votes are counted in an election.

    ‘we'll cross live to the tally room for updates’
    • ‘I am bitterly disappointed that they won't be covering the tally room.’
    • ‘He and his wife have just arrived here in the tally room in Canberra.’
    • ‘Far away from the tally rooms and the victory parties, many South Africans are still living in poverty.’
    • ‘I can tell you what it was like on the floor of the tally room just three years later.’
    • ‘He told a great story about being at the tally room during the last election call and being suicidally depressed.’
    • ‘There's a discrepancy between the accounts of their observers and scrutineers at a local level, and the figures that appeared at the central tally room.’
    • ‘The coalition immediately slashed the corporation's budget by $66 million, despite the senator's famously promising on the tally room floor that they wouldn't.’
    • ‘They seem unlikely to look forward to visiting the tally room this September.’
    • ‘The decline of the tally room has nothing to do with perceptions of how close the election is going to be.’
    • ‘Once upon a time, the tally room was the only place you could get an overall picture of the progress of counting in the election.’