Meaning of tallyman in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtalɪmən/

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nounplural noun tallymen

  • 1British A person who sells goods on credit, especially from door to door.

    • ‘Mr Poolman, who was widowed in 1988, started work as a tallyman selling clothes door-to-door, but he decided to start his own business.’
  • 2A person who keeps a score or record of something.

    ‘I believe more consultation should be done before electronic counting mechanisms eliminate the transparency needed by tallymen in Irish elections.’
    • ‘Eventually, the boxes are all opened, the tallymen deliver their last figures to the computer room and within minutes we have a final figure.’
    • ‘And as returning officers have learnt over the years, only a fool would stand up to announce an official result without checking first with the tallyman.’
    • ‘It also spells the end of that great Irish political institution, the so-called tallymen and women, whose keen observations gave extremely accurate predictions hours ahead of final results.’
    • ‘The traditional tallymen who have been rendered redundant by the changeover to electronic voting will be welcome at the count, according to Mr Murphy, but their day in the sun will have altered inalienably.’
    • ‘But despite these delays, the experienced tallymen will be watching the boxes and each party will allocate different people to count the votes being put into the relevant piles.’
    • ‘Along with supporters, the tallymen gathered beside the count tables beneath signs of branch names, like punters stretching in the bookies ring at to put a last minute fiver on the favourite.’
    • ‘A close one was expected and awaited, but when the tallymen returned the outcome had been as decisive as it could ever have been (two to one) in favour of Paddy Walsh.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, for once, the tallymen and women in South Kerry were well off the mark in some cases with close on 2000 votes unaccounted for when the final tally was released.’
    • ‘So, the time-honoured system of casting votes will continue in June and many people are glad about that, especially politicians and their tallymen.’
    • ‘Early on Saturday tallymen could be seen rushing between booths leaning over the makeshift partitions as ballot papers were unfolded and laid out in bundles.’
    • ‘In the meantime, tallymen and women who thought they had become extinct, should start sharpening their pencils for next month's outing.’
    • ‘However the introduction of electronic voting will herald the end of the tallymen, which will take a lot of the excitement and drama out of elections.’
    • ‘The tallymen fascinated me with their eagle eyes and counting system and the siege mentality that prevailed was totally captivating.’
    • ‘Peter said in the old days the tallymen were looked on as ‘a bit of a nuisance’ by count officials, but that has now all changed.’
    • ‘Analysing voter trends should not be limited to a high priesthood of tallymen.’
    • ‘John Feeney from Grange has been a tallyman for Fianna Fail for over 25 years and has tallied at every election, both local and national, during that time.’
    • ‘He added that a good tallyman would be accurate to one or two votes over an entire day and they would be accurate not alone on first preferences but second and third as well.’
    • ‘The task of the tallyman is to get a tally of the votes for each candidate from each polling station.’
    • ‘Even during the count, the students were as realistic as possible, tallymen were selected and correctly assessed that SF would come out on top.’